Who are our clients?
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We work with lot of different people.

Opportunity to
earn from the $75 billion
gaming market

Looking to make extra buck, now's the right time to invest in mobile gaming. It's bigger than pc gaming.

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Looking For
mobile game
developement partner?

TheAppGuruz uses the best tech to build high quality games. Experienced, Fast & efficent in delivery.

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Games are a
fun way to engage
with your customers.

Let's spread the word about your brand by creating fun games which promotes you organically.

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About our
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We make things you'll love!


Our 2D & 3D games erase the borderline between reality and gaming.

Our passion, skill and our experience makes us one of the best mobile game developement companies of India

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We use Unity game engine to develop Android Mobile Games.

End-to-end robust game development of games for Android smartphones, tables and TV.

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Our deep understanding of game designing and mastery game engine make us the top Android game development company.


We design mobile games that are engaging, highly interactive, and addictive.

TheAppGuruz is a leading iOS game development agency, which knows how to produce entertaining games of iPhone and iPad devices.

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Also, we develop cross platform gaming apps.


AR and VR games blurs the line between reality and computer generated graphics.

TheAppGuruz has team of talented designers and coders working with AR and VR games.

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Best Restaurant Cooking Games
Best Restaurant Cooking Games

We make things you'll love!

A Chef Restaurant Cooking Games.
One of the best Tap cooking games available on Play Store.
Download now (Playstore link given below).

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The good old ping pong in a new-age 3D design.
Enjoy a terrific game of table tennis! More real than real!

Table Tennis 3D

More Games

We specialize in providing great mobile games! In addition to a long list of happy clients, we have a basket of our own world-class products.

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Completed Games




Delighted Clients, growing by the day a great game...

Making of
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This is how we go about making truly awesome stuff. Everytime.

1. Conceptualization

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Jointly, we dissect your concept and figure out what to get out of the game.

2. Requirement Finalization

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Next, we draw outlines and agree upon what the final game should look like.

3. Milestone Creation

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Now, we jointly set up milestones. Milestones benchmark the game's progress.

4. Design & Development

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Armed with the inputs, our team swiftly swings into action. The Embryo stage.

5. QA & Testing

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The no-mercy, zero-tolerance stage. We check for all possible areas of improvements.

6. Final Delivery

Without any compromises anywhere, we stick to the "In time. Every time." rule.

Get an amazing game
  • Do you want to get a mobile game developed?
  • We have been developing mobile games since 2011.
  • Clients: Worked with individuals, startups, agencies and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Confidentiality: We keep your project confidential by signing the NDA.
  • We work in teams: Each project has separate Game Designers, Graphic Designers and coders.
  • Quality: We write robust expandable code and design breathtaking artwork for your mobile game.
  • We use versatile Unity Game Engine for the game development.

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Tejas Jasani - Founder & CEO of TheAppGuruz

Over 10,000 people have contacted us for their games.

Tejas Jasani